2021 The annual ASHA convention

November 18, 2021

CLL researchers presented at the annual ASHA convention. The titles of the presentations are listed below. 1. Do Scoring Methods and Age of L2 Acquisition Matter When Assessing Bilingual’s Vocabulary Skills?
2. Effect of Reading Strategies on Word Learning in Children with and without Language Impairment
3. Exploring Real-Time Word Learning Skills and Its Related Factors in Preschool Children An Eye-Tracking Study
4. Using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network to Predict Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Learning
5. Identifying Appropriate Storybook Reading Intensities and Related Factors for Word-learning in Children with SLI
6. Telepractice of Articulation Disorders in Linguistically Diverse Children .
7. Parental L1 Use_A Key Factor for Toddlers' Language Development in Bilingual Environments