Dongsun Yim

Dongsun Yim, Ph. D., CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator, is a full professor of Communication Disorders at EWHA Womans University. Before Dr. Yim joined Ewha, she was a faculty at Northwestern University in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and worked as a researcher at Stanford University in Psychology Department. Dr. Yim has many years of expertise in the area of monolingual and bilingual children with LI, with recent research focused on developing processing-dependent tasks for these children. Her research interest focuses on the relationship between nature and nurture piece of language learning, as well as providing clinical services to individuals with communication disorders. Dr. Yim is also a Hanen Certified SLP and offers parent training for those who would like to learn how to facilitate their children’s communication. Bilingual children with language difficulties are welcome for bilingual assessment and intervention. Our clinic and research lab is housed within Education building A in Ewha Womans University. For further information and scheduling an appointment, contact her via email


WORDBANK: (contributes on Korean version)
Parent Coaching: Making a difference on a child's language development
Dialogic Book Reading to improve vocabulary skills: underlying profiles & intensity
WMT: Working Memory Training
SLCI: Statistical Learning in Children with Cochlear Implants
LCCS: Life immersive Communication Care Service
BIAGL: Artificial Grammar Learning in Monolingual and Bilingual Children
BIPL: Implicit Learning in Auditory, Visual and Motor domains in Bilingual Children
CIPD: General Processing Abilities in Children with Cochlear Implant
BIPD: Processing Dependent Tasks on Bilingual Children
BICI: Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants
R-Learning: Children's language learning and intervention via Robot
FB: Cognitive ability and Language skills in boy and girls


     Associate professor, Department of communication disorders, Ewha womans university
     PI: Child Language Lab (CLL)
      Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, The Stanford Language and Cognition Lab
     PI: Michael Frank
     Assistant professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University
     PI: Child Language Lab
     Clinical Fellowship Year, Westbrook elementary school, Lion's Park school
     Certification of Certified Competency - Speech Language Pathologist, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
     Researcher, Department of Psychology, Stanford University.
     Research Assistant, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Minnesota.
     Speech Pathologist, SHIN's Speech and Language Clinic.
Yonsei Medical School, Seoul, Korea, 2000
     Student Clinician: Center Hospital University , Grenoble , France , 1998
     Hans Christian Anderson Open School , MN, 2003
     Julia M. Davis Speech-Language Hearing Center , MN , 2003
     Anoka Evaluation team, MN, 2004

Teaching experience

Graduate-level Courses
2010 to present
     Communication in culturally and linguistically diverse children
     Seminars in articulation and phonology disorders (Spring only)
     Seminars in language development (Fall only)
     Trends in technology for communication disorders
     Introduction to communicative disorders
     Seminars in diagnosis and evaluation of communication disorders
     Treatments for communication disorders in ASD
     Trends and issues of speech pathology
     Seminars in diagnostic methods in speech-language pathology
     Study of communication disorders
     Language and communication
     Clinical observation
     Clinical practicum
     Diagnostic practicum

Undergraduate-level Courses
'2017 to present'   K-MOOC: Children's outstanding language learning abilities - approach from bilinguals
'2013 to 2016'      Diversity culture and language(EGO)
'2011 to 2016'      Language development and Usage(EGO)

1998 ~ 2010
2010   Assistant professor, Language Disorders in Preschool Children, Northwestern University
2009   Assistant professor, Doctoral Seminar: Children with Primary Language Impairment, Northwestern University
2009   Assistant professor, Language development and Usage, Northwestern University
2005   Teaching Assistant, Communication Differences and Disorders, University of Minnesota
2005   Teaching Assistant, Counseling and Professional Issues, University of Minnesota
2005   Teaching Assistant, Clinical Issues in Bilingualism and Cultural Diversity, University of Minnesota
2004   Teaching Assistant, Language and Cognitive Disorders in Children, University of Minnesota
2003   Teaching Assistant, Language Disorders, University of Minnesota
1999   Teaching Assistant, French Culture & Literacy, Hankuk University, Seoul, Korea
1998   Teacher, French Conversation, Kyungbok High School, Seoul, Korea
1998   Teacher, French Grammar, Ambassade de France Ecole Francaise, Seoul, Korea
1998   Instructor, Nature Study for French Children, Ambassade de France Ecole Francaise, Seoul, Korea

Clinical experience

2012 ~ present
     Clinical Supervisor, Ewha Speech-Language Clinic, Dept of Communication Disorders, Ewha Womans University
     Clinical Fellowship Year – Main population: children with language impairment, children with phonological impairment and children with reading impairment, Westbrook Elementary School, Lion’s Park School, IL
     Graduate Student Clinician - Main population: monolingual and bilingual children with language impairment, children with autism, children and adults with dysfluency
2004   Anoka Evaluation team, MN
2003   Julia M. Davis Speech-Language Hearing Center, MN
2003   Hans Christian Anderson Open School, MN
2000   SHIN’s speech and language clinic, Seoul, Korea
1999   Yonsei University Hospital, Seoul, Korea
1998   Center Hospital University, Grenoble, France