The 2018 ASHA Convention

November 16, 2018

CLL researchers attended the Annual ASHA Convention at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, November 15-17, 2018. Seven poster presentations and two oral presentations were asked to be presented. ‚Äč
The clinical usefulness of parent report of 27 months old toddlers and their post 7 months follow up

Relationship between lexicon and syntactic development between children with TD and LI using Wordbank

The effect of linguistic experiences and phonotactic probability on nonword repetition and fast mapping ability

A follow-up study of phonological neighborhood density in 18- to 35-month-old children

What is happening during storybook reading? : Using eye-tracking technology

Transfer effect of parent training of an interactive book reading to a free play setting

Do bilinguals change their voices? Relationship between paralinguistic changes and voice attractiveness

Influence of mother tongue exposure on linguistic and non-linguistic eposodic buffer in culturally and linguistically diverse children

Usage of onomatopoeic and mimetic words in Vietnamese-Korean bilingual children compared to Korean monolingual families