The Annual KASA Convention

September 15, 2018

The annual convention of Korean Academy of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology was held on Sep. 15th. 9 posters were presented and the topics covered preschool language development and bilingual language development. This year, 3 out of 9 posters were based on the student project outcomes, which were done in professor Yim's class in last spring semester, Communication in culturally and linguistically diverse children class. ​ Kim, M., Kim, E., Son, J., Yoon, H, & Yim, D. (2018, September). Flexibility of speaker's sentence structure in Korean-English bilingual children. The Annual KASA Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

​Kim, A., Kim, Y., Kim, Y., Ha, N., Hong, Y.,  & Yim, D. (2018, September). The effect of using mother's native language on children's language skills and self-esteem. The Annual KASA Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

​Park, S., Park, J., Shin, M., Lee, M., Lee, S., & Yim, D. (2018, September).  Comparative study on Korean word accent according to similarity of mother tongue between foreign language learners. The Annual KASA  Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

Kim, S., Han, J., Kim, S., & Yim, D. (2018, September). The relationship among language abilities of preschool children assessed by SLP. language skills checked by teacher, and temperament checked by parents. The Annual KASA  Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

​Yang, Y., Park, S., Hong, Y.,  & Yim, D. (2018, September). A follow-up study for phonological neighborhood density in 18- to 35-month-old children. The Annual KASA Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

​Yim, D., Kim, S., Han, J., Park, W., Song, E., Lee, S., Kim., & Yoon, S. (2018, September). Positive storybook parent training effect on parent-child storybook reading activity. The Annual KASA Convention, Gwangju, Korea.

Yim, D., Han, J., Kim, S., & Song, E. (2018, September). Children's eye movement during storybook reading. The Annual KASA Convention, Gwangju, Korea.