CHI 2018 presentation

April 26, 2018

One of CLL researchers, Wonjeong Park gave a oral presentation at the CHI 2018 convention. The research title was 'BebeCODE: Collaborative Child Development Tracking System'. It was collaborative work with researchers from KAIST. Abstracts are as follows,
‚Äč Continuous tracking young children's development is important for parents because early detection of developmental delay can lead to better treatment through early intervention. Screening tests, often based on questions answered by a parent, are used to assess children's development, but responses from only one parent can be subjective and even inaccurate due to limited memory and observations. In this work, we propose a¬†collaborative child development tracking system, where screening test responses are collected through collaboration between parents or caregivers. We implement BebeCODE, a mobile system that encourages parents to independently answer all developmental questions for a given age and resolve disagreements through chatting, image/video sharing, or asking a third person. A 4-week deployment study of BebeCODE with 12 families found that parents had approximately 22% disagreements about questions regarding their children's developmental and BebeCODE helped them reach a consensus. Parents also reported that their awareness of their child's development, increased with BebeCODE.