Dr.Yim's radio interview

October 20, 2018

Professor Yim and her research team conducted research which was funded by National Health Insurance Service. The title of research work was 'Research Study on Health Service Needs using Big Data Analysis to Improve Multicultural Family's Life Quality' and her remarkable research work have been mentioned in the Munhwa Ilbo newspaper article published on December 27th, 2018. The research found that language assessment and language support were the most needed service in international marriage women in multicultural families. 

Summary of talk

> Home language choice
Use the most comfortable and confident language-first language(L1)-when interacting with child

> Language transfer
Learned ability in Korean transfers to different context in English, vice versa
(e.g. writing letters in Korean (learned ability) enables child to write letters in English without explicit teaching).
Grammatical rule transfer (e.g. apply Korean-specific honorific grammatical marker -yo(요) at the end of English phrase. e.g. Thank you-yo)

> Cause of Language delay
Both nature and nurture factors contribute to language delay